Small Sample Size – “Funny Things” by ML Candelario

In your story I believe you were the voice of that little boy as an angel to his daddy, and I say : Time has passed, and time stands still, for in my heart, and always will, hold a special love for you today, that can’t grow old in anyway, you may not see me, but I’m really not gone, just in another place to carry on, if ever you need me, look towards the heaven above, whisper the word angel, I’ll send you my love.

The Worship Collective

Funny thing is, my daddy was right there with me when I died. He knelt next to the tub, wetting his oilstained overalls at the knees. The overalls had his name stitched in red on a white oval, but the oval itself had a few threads pulled. It hung off the fabric a bit on the left side, sort of wrinkled up from where momma would hang daddy’s overalls on the line to let the sun dry them. The oilstains were old and incorrigible. That’s what momma called ‘em. Incorrigible. Said nothing she ever tried fully got the stains out. They were worked into the fabric itself, got under and into the denim. She would tell me this idly in that way most adults talk to babies. She would tell me lots of things in the lonely morning hours after daddy’d gone to the shop to work and she’d hung…

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