best laid plans……. #21

” Well all i can say is calm down , try not to have anymore senior moment’s, you have everything there to cook, get the microwave, and don’t forget the eggs “

Good times and bad

A few days ago, I realized that we no longer have a microwave bacon cooker. I have no idea where it went and being old, I can’t say with any certainty that we even got to Florida last November with one in tow. While I scratched my head for a while about where my cooker might have gone, I eventually quit with that task. You can drive yourself nutty trying to remember something that just isn’t memorable.
We went out last weekend haunting the yard sales and thrift stores trying to find one and had no luck at all. Didn’t even see one. I guess there is no market for used microwave bacon cookers.
We finally found a new one at Bed, bath and beyond which we took home with us. The thing required that the bacon be inserted vertically between inch tall posts and when we looked at it…

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