Facebook Finally Cracks Down On Video Piracy

I disagree with Facebook cracking down on privacy of videos as long as the videos are taken with good taste in mind and are in humane interest in nature to the public’s intrest the individual should be able and alouded to post it on Facebook.


Facebook didn’t get to be one of the largest video streamers on the web without making a few enemies. Unfortunately, up to this point, a lot of those enemies were the people actually creating cool video content for the site.

Today, Facebook is trying to rectify its poor management of controlling video piracy on its site and appease video creators who have been getting kind of pissed off at the site with a series of new updates.

facebook-comic2 Comic//Anthony Clark

Facebook currently uses a program called Audible Magic to identify when someone uploads a video that violates someone else’s intellectual property. Facebook says Audible Magic does so through “audio fingerprinting technology,” which identifies videos with identical audio tracks and prevents them from reaching people’s feeds.

In practice, it’s been far from perfect and is much less-refined than YouTube’s Content ID system which video publishers seem to have much more positive things to say about. Indeed…

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