Contest scams use Publishers Clearing House name

Contest scams use Publishers Clearing House name

Shared from Google News & Weather

” There has to be a way to stop people that scam you i know it happened to me Dave Sayer came up on my bubble facebook messenger text messages with the pch emblem on the balloons picture of Danielle at the airport coming to my house these people are extremely smart at what they are doing how could you not think it wasn’t the official Prize Patrol they got money out of my account also – IMPORTANT ! Yes this did happen i had to learn the hard way i know that Publishers Clearing House and the employees in speaking about The Prize Patrol Elite Publishers Clearing House is a legitimate company that has professional legitimate employees that deliver real sweepstakes checks to real life winners ! This company has been in business for many years – My comment is if the sweepstakes are put on TV unless your on the internet and you know about YouTube to visualize the scam video and what to watch out for the public has no clue about these things i would like to see a retake of that video put on TV for the safety of the public and put Publishers Clearing House and thier Sweepstakes in the eye of the public in reparable good standings that they are ”


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