My Wish List

Yes this is just my wish list but, i’m in it to win this sweepstakes on December 30, 2015 $10,000.00 A Week For Life Forever

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Pch brand-new ford fusion
Get 2X Entries toward a brand new Ford Escape with PCHSearch&Win! Yes I Ee Lee want to win a brand new ford fusion on October 23 gwy No.4650. Thank you. Love your son Jesus. Amen. > 5 000 00 week 2x entries. win a brand new ford escape worth over $ 38,000.00 gwy 2764; how do I confirm my pch 4900 winnings; I’m claiming my bonuses of mine I’m pch search & win 2x entries $7,000.00 every week for life plus a brand new ford escape! on november 26th yes, publishers clearing house, pch front page, i want to claim 5x entries to win gwy 3726,$ 50,000.00, dream, yes pch i also want to win 4902, dream car PCH Win $1 Million SuperPrize and up to $50,000.00 Bonus with Giveaways 4950 and 4902. No purchase necessary. $1 Million winning opportunities on pch i’m claiming…

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One thought on “My Wish List

  1. To win on December 30 need a safe haven for myself and my baby cat living in domestic violence i’m disabled low income $587.90 no way out no family or friends to help me i want to win Publishers Clearing House Sweepstakes

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