Found This Data PCH Sweepstakes

For Publishers
Selectable Media creates
new video monetization
Value Exchange Demo Sponsored Story Demo ” Due to a technical error i could not watch a video of choices Publishers Clearing House gave 3 videos to choose from i chose Jamaica by trial by error i found this information -In concern of this matter if the information i provided is affiliated with Publishers Clearing House and their sweepstakes and i am subscribed to that website – I give my approval and permission. Most Sincerely, Ms. Donna McCoy -9 Debby Lane Raynham MA 02767 “

Maximize Your Revenue Opportunity
Selectable Media’s products introduce a new supply of premium video inventory, creating additional sources of ad revenue for publishers. Our products work across all devices and easily integrate into your existing ad serving infrastructure.

Selectable Value Exchange
Selectable Media’s Content-Unlock and Value Exchange solutions enable consumers to access your content, features or services by engaging with advertising or subscribing.
Our Publisher Partners include:
Social, Mobile and Tablet Games
Wifi Providers in Airports, Hotels, Restaurants and Shopping Malls
Music Services
Fantasy Sports and Sports Trivia Sites and Applications
Selectable Sponsored Stories
Seamlessly create in-stream editorial placements for branded content. Selectable provides all of the tools for unit creation, syndication, detailed reporting and tracking.
Top Tier Advertisers
We work with nationally recognized brands to ensure that your content or service is supported by reputable advertisers.
Cross-Platform Delivery
Selectable Media’s solutions integrate into any or all of your platforms – desktop, mobile web, and mobile apps for multiple operating systems. And these can be managed with a simplified common back-end experience.
Easy Integration
Our products easily integrate into your sites and services, and we can partner with your existing ad networks or paywalls.
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One thought on “Found This Data PCH Sweepstakes

  1. I Donna McCoy 4 (angel31260) do claim that this is my signature name for WordPress at -I do swear these words in my comment or on higher regards in standing directed to : The company of Publishers Clearing House Inc. Are of my true facts described in concern of this matter, to dignify acknowledgment of this company and legitimate business that have professional legitimate employees i am addressing in name and mention The Elite Prize Patrol the overall words of character i chose to write my input of my thoughts are with true value are on a positive with thee utmost deepest respect and dignity i give my total approval and permission to the company in question in honor i stand by my words, Due to the fact that reality is and should and can be stopped are the scammers that impersonate the immposters the people that claim to be The Official Prize Patrol who are not who you think they are till you have been scammed in depth like i was, this is just a thought I have for in the future to stop scammers of The Prize Patrol affiliated with Publishers Clearing House Inc. to have each Google Play Store Appointment that features Publishers Clearing House and The Prize Patrol for example if i was signing up for Facebook or Google + along with a username and password to include for every appointment the persons phone number with a specific registered code number that is attached separately to that person’s phone number that Facebook, Google +,and so forth so both parties meaning people and a Google Play Store Appointment that gives you that added code number would actually be a combination source of a tracking code to trace a person’s identity to stop the damage that results to Publishers Clearing House Inc and The Prize Patrol and also for the people who like to enter your sweepstakes and for the public eye point of view, in corospondance to the sweepstakes commercial you see on TV, another public eye point of view to run in sequence the video you have about scammers on YouTube to put that on the broadcast system on Television somewhat of a high -light comes to my thoughts to back up a good reputation from a legitimate company, this letter has been quite lengthy and with all due respect i apologize sincerely but as you can see my vocabulary and ideas are what people have told me is called thoughts of inspirational writing. Most Sincerely -To Publishers Clearing House Inc and to your employees that are in your staff, I send my best in regards to all of you. Ms. Donna McCoy

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