loner.-Loner you call yourself your leaving yourself no dignity or man pride, it’s not what your makeup is all about, it’s your true feelings about yourself that counts it’s what you are all about your feelings that hurt on the inside, i feel as when i’m speaking to you that we are walking in the same path and in the same pair of shoes, i have went the lengths and walked the lines through the hardship and trying times,  i feel when i speak to you you have been burnt by friendships, no matter how much you have tried, or all the good things that you have done, or all the good you have shown and do, people we have met along the way, end up to be hurtful and stray away, please remember you have done all that you can do, to hold that friendship close to you, people we meet and sometimes family members too, we can’t change their thoughts of their feelings about us, even though we didn’t give them a reason to do so, overwhelming numerous people in our thoughts become counted like numbers, leaves us astonished and baffled people are jealous, how come so many that’s a mystery, that’s how we became loners….